4 Reasons why you should useseedbox

One of the main reason people make the payments is guaranteed anonymity. Think of it this way, when you are making payments with your credit card online, you will need to fill forms asking for personal information including your name; CCV and credit number. When you make payments with Bitcoin, all they will need is the unique address that is encrypted. This transaction is secure and remains anonymous. It will be hard for anyone to track the Seedbox purchase back to you.  Another advantage is that you can avoid all the extra transaction fees that you would normally be charges when you use other modes of payment. The merchants that accept the Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash can avoid the fees, which is uncommon for conventional payment methods. Basically, you are making the payments directly to your provider, with no third parties involved.

Just like the server speed this mode of payment is fast. In the real sense, wire transfer of your money will be a very slow mode of payment. When you make the payments, the institution or bank will hold the money for a couple of days before they make the real transaction. This is because they want to make sure you have made the complete payment before they go on with the transfer.  Bitcoin transactions are immediate, which means you will start using the server in a short while. Overall, making the payments using Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin is simple. You can do it by scanning a code using your Smartphone and sending it directly to the merchant. The good thing is, Bitcoin comes in many form; you can find wallets for both mobile phones and desktops. It is the safest way to make a payment on this server, especially when you have security concerns.