A Guide for online dating – what women want

If you have just joined the online dating world, things may not be going as well as you had hoped. It may be that all the women you approached didn’t show any interest and all you have is a thread of unanswered messages. You might have had a few responses, but that didn’t go own for too long because the probably ghosted you; which is one of the worst feelings.  You need a great plan to turn things around. The first thing you do when approaching a female is being an alpha male.  On the app, women like men who are confidence and assertive in what they want. You may think that most girls will look at your physical attractiveness but it goes beyond the looks. This means that with a good personality and profile, you get girls to respond to you. Think of it this way, let’s say you find an attractive women online and she is definitely talking to many people the only thing that determines who will get a chance is the personality and conversation.

An alpha male is not afraid to be confident and dominant; this is what most women are attracted to. This does not meant you should be self- centred and constantly bragging about yourself; that is a big turn off.  Restrict the conversations to things on both of your profiles. Make sure your photos convey greatly about who you are. When you are setting up your profile, ensure you don’t leave your resources; females love an alpha man who is hard working and has a sense of direction. Loyalty or protectiveness may be a little hard to illustrate on your profile so you have to work twice as hard on it. Once she is comfortable with you, you can initiate conversations about family moments or future expectations to show your sense of loyalty and growth and you never know, you may get several ارقام بنات